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Month: December, 2007

What Baby?!

Like every woman I adore having my yearly physical.  The stirups, the crappy paper that sticks to my legs, and the doctor that wants to chat with me while feeling up my boobs.  I love it.  I’m kidding.  I detest going and only go for the prescription refills.

But here was my “favorite” part of the whole appointment.

Doctor: So I think you should take your multi-vitamin more regularly . . .for the folic acid

Me: Why

Doctor:  For the baby

Me: What baby?

Doctor:  You know, for when you have one

Me: What baby? I live with my college roommate, we have house plants

Doctor: Well as you know folic acid is important for babies

Me: I’m not having one any time soon

Doctor:  You never know, we just want you to be prepared



Okay so I get it right? Folic Acid = Healthy Baby.  But on the list of other things we can add to “Healthy Baby” list is not being a chain smoking alcoholic who likes to chew on lead based toys and having sex with strange men.  But hey lets just start with a multi-vitamin mmkay?


Holiday Madness

“We look like whores. . .”

“I think we look like we’re going to rob a bank”

 Oh yes, aren’t we sexy beasts with our poorly made and most likely very flamable santa suits?

I’d like to also thank Mapquest for confusing Eastlake Ave with Westlake Ave.  There is no difference whatsoever, except that minor detail about Eastlake being on the other flipping side of the lake than where I wanted to be. . .damn you Mapquest

And while we may look ridiculous at least we were warm 🙂