Finale to my 25th Year

by aquagnome22

Since I’m generally failing at updating on a regular basis here’s the quick and unorganized version of the last two weeks:

First, on the 15th we celebrated my 26th birthday in style.  We went to Dragonfish Cafe and then on to Fado’s Irish Pub. Oh yes, I know you’re excited.

Ben took the day off on my actual birthday (20th) and we went downtown for some shenanigans.  We went to the Seattle Aquarium (I heart aquariums), the Starbucks on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower (it’s a Starbucks and its on the 40th floor – what’s not to like?), and ice skating at the Seattle Center (worst rink in the world but still entertaining).  Ben then surprised me for birthday dinner by taking me to Tulio (awesome – I’m sorry have you not enjoyed dunguness crab ravioli before? Yeah you should get on that. . .)

On the 21st, Ben and I opened our Christmas presents prior to Ben getting on a plane back home for the holidays.  Yes, he got me Uggs. Don’t judge me. My feet are warm!   And no, don’t worry, I won’t be wearing them with my jeans tucked in. . .I’m not 12 or some sort of pill popping suburban mom who still shops in the juniors department at Macys.   🙂  He also got me some fantastic perfume for my birthday, and a red clutch, and a weight bag (for SCUBA).  I’m spoiled 🙂

On the night of the 23rd my antibiotics tried to kill me.  Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like contemplating asking your roommate to take you to the ER at 3am.   I think I can honestly say I probably lost weight this Christmas.  Stupid antibiotics.   On Christmas I drove to my grandparents house. My grandmother made two of my favorite side dishes (mayo and coolwhip are food groups on that side of the family) which I couldn’t eat since my GI tract was still debating whether or not it wanted to make an exit from my body.   It was exciting. So exciting I left early.  Yeah that sounds bitchy doesn’t it? And don’t get me wrong, while I love my grandparents I don’t love finding out that my cousins’ dog has more pictures in the house than pictures of me.  The reality is I still felt awful from the antibiotic hell-fest of 2007 and for some reason throwing up in my car sounded better than in my grandparents house. 

So there’s the quick little re-cap of the last couple of weeks.