What Baby?!

by aquagnome22

Like every woman I adore having my yearly physical.  The stirups, the crappy paper that sticks to my legs, and the doctor that wants to chat with me while feeling up my boobs.  I love it.  I’m kidding.  I detest going and only go for the prescription refills.

But here was my “favorite” part of the whole appointment.

Doctor: So I think you should take your multi-vitamin more regularly . . .for the folic acid

Me: Why

Doctor:  For the baby

Me: What baby?

Doctor:  You know, for when you have one

Me: What baby? I live with my college roommate, we have house plants

Doctor: Well as you know folic acid is important for babies

Me: I’m not having one any time soon

Doctor:  You never know, we just want you to be prepared



Okay so I get it right? Folic Acid = Healthy Baby.  But on the list of other things we can add to “Healthy Baby” list is not being a chain smoking alcoholic who likes to chew on lead based toys and having sex with strange men.  But hey lets just start with a multi-vitamin mmkay?