by aquagnome22

Glad to see people are finding my blog again because they are looking to make meth out of wasp killer.  Good job people, way to make your neighbors and fellow tax payers proud. 

Tomorrow Ben and I leave for Pullman. Brave soul that he is, he’s coming with me for a weekend of glorious Pac 10 football in which WSU takes on Stanford and their spastic tree mascot. 

Go Cougs!

My goals for the weekend include:

1. Drinking

2. Cougar Gold Cheese consumption

3. Watching WSU beat Stanford

4. Eating ice cream from Ferdinands

5. Not bickering with my parents

6. Not becoming bitter because my parents have replaced me with cats

7. Take Ben to Idaho just so he can say “I’ve been to Idaho”

8. Not get a speeding ticket in Grant County

9. Sleep

10. Did I mention eating and drinking?