A Night at the theater. . .I just feel swanky. . .

by aquagnome22

Update:  I’m sorry this post is green and in CAPS. I don’t understand why WordPress hates me today. . .  

(Admittedly I just rewrote this post- when I double-checked it this AM and realized the whole thing was not only in CAPS but also green.  Which only leads me to believe I should not write blog posts at 11:58PM again.)

Tonight, Ben and I went to see “Into the Woods” at the 5th Ave Theater here in Seattle.  I actually really enjoyed the show, which is saying a lot since I typically keep my distance from theater related activities 🙂  Hell, my mother has banned my Dad and I from going to the theater together since my 13th birthday when he and I made fun of all the performers in the Nutcracker.  It wasn’t my fault that the male dancers looked like they were transvestites that were about to be devoured by the set decorations.

During the intermission I experienced theater snobbery at its best:

Lady# 1 to Lady #2:  I’m thinking about taking my son home, I want this night to end on a high note and I’m not sure he’ll make it through Act 2

Crazy bitch Lady #3 (total stranger to the other two women):  This is BROADWAY how could you ever think about leaving early.  ITS BROADWAY

Lady #1: Well he’s eight. . .

CBL #3:  Well you have to teach him about reality sometime. . .

First off, where does some random stranger get off handing out unsolicited parenting advice in a bathroom line?  Secondly, sure its “Broadway” but we’re in Seattle. She wasn’t suggesting she was going to let her son set fire to the stage, or sleep on the floor.  She was just trying to figure out what was best for her family.  For the love of God lady take your Broadway snobbery back to New York.  And seriously what reality was this kid going to miss out on? In 10 years on his college entrance essays do you really think he’ll talk about the shame he still feels because he missed Act II of “Into the Woods” when he was eight?

Anyways, Ben and I had a great time. We also got to eat at the Purple Wine Bar and Cafe which was quite nice and only a block away from the Theater.  Woohoo for copious amounts of wine and food!