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Month: October, 2007

Stories of a Cube Puppet #5464564597-A

Conversations with my superiors:

Supervisor #1 – During your mid-year review we’ll discuss your goals and see if you are working towards reaching them or if they have changed in the past six months

Me- What goals?

Supervisor #1- The ones you set with your old supervisor when you were hired

Me- That never happend.

Supervisor #1- What do you mean it never happened?

Me- We never set goals.

Supervisor #1- Wait. . .you didn’t write anything down?

Me- That would be a no.


Me- Give me a raise? (okay I didn’t say that).  <–actually I kind of laughed out-loud because of the ridiculousness of it all.

The whole reason I was talking with my supervisors is because I’m moving towards a shift in my position.  Hopefully a shift that includes a commission check since I’ve been selling for the last six months without appropriate sales compensation.  Technically I’m in inside sales. . .insides sales doing the outside sales persons job.  Not that I’m bitter.  More to come on this, as I’ll find out next week or the week after what we’re going to do about my position and finally give me some goals 🙂

“I am goal-less :)”  ahahahaha.

Seriously. . . 


Cooking! Episode #1

Cooking meals from scratch really isn’t high on my list of things to accomplish each week. Hell I’ve even allowed Taco Bell, to creep into my life at 1am when driving home from late night scuba pool sessions. And I will probably die still clutching a bag of KFC biscuits in one hand and microwavable chicken nuggets in the other (should I be admitting this?). However, after all the travel, weddings, scuba, soccer, and ridiculous schedules of this past summer I’ve finally grown tired of eating out. And while I do eat at home most of the week, most of my meals are like bad episodes of Semi-Home Made on the Food Network (that lady is f*ckign insane).    Thus begins an effort to cook at least one new recipe a week (or every other week), last night I made Mediteranean Pastry Puff Chicken

My Version of Ingredients
*Lots of Garlic
*fresh spinach
*1 chicken breast
*fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and kalamata olives
*herb feta cheese  (goat cheese would also work)
*1 frozen puff pastry sheet, thawed

Yeah, I’m not big on the exact measurements.  When it comes to cooking dinner I rarely use measurements unless its for soups/stews or something that involves baking.  In regards to this meal you can basically do whatever you want, its baked chicken, unless you under or over cook it you really can’t screw it up. 

If you’re comparing my ingredients to the link you’ll notice I didn’t use an egg (our eggs hit their pull date three weeks ago and food poisoning wasn’t really on the agenda last night).  You really don’t need the egg, instead just cover the chicken in olive oil and garlic and you’re good to go.   I also lightly covered the pasty puff in garlic and olive oil before putting it in the oven. 

Everything came out perfect in 40 minutes and I laid the final product on a bed of spinach and tomatoes (hey I was trying to impress the boy here give me a break 🙂 ).  Ben brought over the wine and gelato/frozen custard for desert.  The whole meal was really good and I felt like a culinary rock star 🙂

Anyone have and good recipes to try?