Mac And Cheese and My Bitterness

by aquagnome22

When I graduated from college one of my professors said to us, “you will live in a shack with six people you barely know and live off ramen. . .”  Which had I stayed in advertising could have been true.  Instead I worked in advertising sales with a bunch of coke addicts but that isn’t the point.

Today I work in manufacturing sales, which I’m sure has some seedy ridiculousness going on behind the scenes but I’ve yet to experience it in all of its glory.  And instead of ramen I live off the frozen foods section of Trader Joes which I *heart*.   Thanks to Heather I know of the wonders of Trader Joes Mac and Cheese which  may by far be the most perfect microwavable meal ever put on this earth.

 And while the next few paragraphs have nothing to do with food or Mac and Cheese they have everything to do with my complete irritation with the BS meeting I sat through for three hours this afternoon.

One of the things I discussed when I was interviewed for my current position was my absolute hate of being micromanaged. HATE probably doesn’t even cover my feelings towards being treated like a five year old in my work environment. Thus, you can only imagine my response to my supervisors when I found out all of us will now be logging in and out of our phones so we can be tracked as if we were clocking in each day. BLOW ME. I went to college for this? Give me a break. So I poked some holes in this glorious plan of theirs:

“What will happen when I’m at home working on emails and quotes and thus arrive physically in the office a few minutes late. . .am I still “tardy” ?”  

“why are we focusing on a time clock system instead of sales goals and employee development? Is there a reason this has suddenly become an important issue?”

“How will I be tracked when I’m at trade shows or doing client work during non-traditional hours?”

“So if I come in 15 minutes late for X reason and yet I work two hours later than normal will I still be “tardy” or be forced to take “non-approved” time off?” (the answer is yes. . .my answer is bite me)

So needless to say along with my quest to earn commission I’m also going to get off this non-exempt status. Because seriously give me a break. . .I’m going to go home and eat some mac and cheese.