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Month: September, 2007

*GASP* I’m not gone this weekend :)


Yeah okay this is a little old but still makes me laugh.  And since its Friday and end of quarter I figure I can post obnoxious pictures regarding some stupid trolley being installed in Seattle which apparently will be very cute yet totally worthless.  But of course cute but worthless decisions seem to be something our mayor excels at (I mean err. . .no I love our mayor).  At least the trolley has a great acronym. 

Wisconsin was pretty awesome.  Important things were learned on this adventure:

1. Spotted Cow and other Wisconsin microbrews are pretty dang good.  I award Wisconsin 2 points

2. No, really just stay in Madison. Do not drive to Chicago at midnight (after an entire day of wedding festivities) with an estimated arrival time of 3am when you have a 6:55am flight out of Midway.  Yes yes we know you think its a great idea that will make it so no one has to take vacation time but really this is a bad bad idea.    (It turns out I can in fact sleep on planes. . .who knew)

3. Ben likes White Castle at 5am . . .me not so much

4. Madison is a pretty awesome town  (and has a Starbucks with a drive-thru!)

5. Dancing to polka isn’t so bad. . .especially when large mugs of beer are involved

(look at my oh so muscular hand gripping the mighty beer)

(photos yet again stolen from Ben)

We’re home this weekend, which works out since I yet again have a sinus infection.  I’m now on antibiotics (again) which give me lucid and crazy dreams where I think I’m eating cheese curds and am an active participant of the movie The Patriot.  Good gwads.  Potential sinus surgery dates (if I go through with it) include the day before Thanksgiving or the day before my birthday.  Goody! 



T-Minus X Hours till Airport Time

Whose Wedding Is It This Time?  Good question because I haven’t met these people, but it isn’t stopping me from going as Ben’s arm candy 🙂   Tomorrow morning at o’dark 30 I’m flying to Chicago then driving up to Madison, Wisconsin.  Ben has promised me a nuclear power plant free experience. 

And I’m sure Wisconsin has loads to offer in entertainment value! I mean, how can one not be impressed by a state that has chosen this guy as the official state fish?

Have a great weekend all