One down. . .a few mail order husbands to go . . .

by aquagnome22

When Jenn first told us she was getting married in Oregon I dreamed of an Oregon Trail themed wedding.  Robert is from the Dalles, the wedding would be in Oregon City. . .a theme wedding would be perfect.  Or at least be entertaining as all hell ot me since apparently I enjoy being overly obnoxious and ridiculous at all times.  Regardless, Jenn had a lovely wedding.  And the state of Oregon made up for the lack of Oregon Trail theme by shoving a giant covered wagon on the marriage certificate. . .oh and those giant covered wagons next door were hilarious. 

The Happy Couple

All of Us

And this picture just makes me laugh my arse off so I had to include it 🙂  I may frame this and put it in my cube at work.  I kid. . .I kid. . .sorta 🙂

Ben took some awesome photos of the link.  Send me an email if you want to see the whole set.

And here’s to a quick week because I’m ready for the holiday weekend already and its only Monday!