Weddings Galore!

by aquagnome22

This past weekend Ben and I ventured to New Jersey for the wedding of two of our friends.  I could tell you about how I sat on the floor of the Newark Airport thinking bad thoughts about the baggage claim area, or how we didn’t get to the hotel until 4:30 in the morning, or how I nearly burst into tears at the thought that I would be sleeping in a rented Chevy Impala in the middle of God knows where New Jersey because Ben and I had absolutely ZERO sense of direction on this trip.  Instead. . .I give you pictures 🙂  Because the weekend was truly fabulous and wonderful in every way.

Part of the Seattle crew (Drew, the groom is on the far left) at the rehersal dinner

The view from the Highlawn Pavilion (yes, that’s NYC)

Ben and I

Congrats to Drew and Julie!

Tomorrow, we are all venturing down to Portland for Jenn’s wedding which will be fab-u-lous.  Jenn will soon be Mrs. Phipp-a-lious.  Long time coming Ms Mayer. . .and if you get an extra toaster Becky and I could use one (totally kidding).