I Love The Smell of Office Products In the Morning. . .

by aquagnome22

My trusty Canon digital camera met its demise awhile back in what can only be called the “vicious bachelorette party death of 2007” or VVPD 2007, which of course sounds like a dirty dirty STD but that’s not the point.  The concept of sinking any money that could otherwise go towards my other infatuations (shoes, Starbucks, Taco Time, and the occasional prescription refill) really hurt.  Thankfully, my company gave me a nice $100 Amex gift card and the Canon cameras recently went on sale.  Woohoo!

Thus started off my journey to a office supply store which just might rhyme with the word “Maples.”  The first store I went to was out of the camera I wanted, but the assistant store manager was nice enough to call another location to put the camera on hold (after I assured him for the third time that I wasn’t interested in a Canon ink cartridge, I really just wanted the camera. . .and no I didn’t want to purchase more insurance).   After work I headed over to the other store where my new camera was delivered to me in all of its beautiful boxed glory. 

My master plan was to use the $100 gift card and then pay the difference on my debit.  This seems straight forward enough right? Si? Oui? Dah?   The girl at the counter was completely confused and ran the card through as if it could take the entire amount.  At first the card wouldn’t go through, but the second time according to “Craples” computer system it took the entire amount.  I assured the girl this wasn’t possible since the card was for $100 and clearly said so on the front of the card (and I seriously doubt Amex is in the business of adding random amounts of money to their cards just for sh*ts and giggles).  I asked her to just take the $100 off the total and I’d pay the difference.  She called her manager over.  We went through the whole happy process again and he goes “I think this looks right”  And I said, “It can’t be right because there is only $100 on the card, there is absolutely no way this is paid for, really just split the amount I want to pay the full amount”  And the manager goes, ” no this is right, the system can’t be wrong”  Then he puts my camera in the bag, hands me my receipt, and sends me on my way.

First off. . .WTF.

Second. . . Did I just screw “Zaples”?

Third. . .I just got a digital camera for $100 woohoo!