Girl Meets Dress

I’m sitting here longing for something more than the Lean Cuisine I just consumed, like perhaps the catered lunches of last week, I’m already plotting to escape to Starbucks later this afternoon.  Damn coffee tricksters and their delicious cookies. 

One of my current projects is finding something swanky to wear to the wedding Ben and I are going to in a few weeks.  Its black tie optional which for this couple pretty much means black tie.  Ben purchased a tux(and he looks pretty sweet), I on the other hand am stuck in a world of taffeta and chiffon and wondering how the hell I should dress myself when people are selling crap-a-licious stuff like this. I’d look like flipping Rainbow Bright on acid. Of course then again, how could I pass up looking like I was viciously attacked by a speed addicted toddler with day-glo pens and a bedazzler?

So needless to say, I’m having some problems picking a dress. All I’m asking is that I look fabulously goregous and not like an Atlantic City hooker. Is that too much to ask?

(PS- I also want cute shoes).