The Randomness of Me! :) And Mud.

by aquagnome22

Okay yeah yeah I haven’t updated in awhile.

So heres the quick rundown:

Work: Yeah still employed. . .

Roommate: Living with Beckers

SCUBA: I just started my Assistant Instructor program

Sinuses: I have a 50/50 chance of needing sinus surgery

Ikea: Yes, Becky and I conquered the IKEA and yes I still think large entertainment centers will somehow fit in the back of my sedan.  Shut it, it looked like it fit!

And now on to the important question of the day:

Why why why did someone think this was a good idea?  I mean seriously, its like a umm err how do I say this? It looks like a turd with a hat of grass and a nicorette patch on his side.  Was there actually a meeting where someone said “Yes, we shall have this run around the streets of Seattle and chase small children!”