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Month: May, 2007

Why Yes I Did Take Pictures, Thanks for Asking

A McDonalds near my office is apparently quite active in the preservation of the local wildlife.  They would also like to teach small children about our woodland creature friends. . .or show them what happens to Bambi after nuclear war. . .

Hmm.  . . tasty. 

Look its the mommy deer and the baby deer. . .and the baby deer has a lame leg and a penchant for McDonalds fries. . .

From this angle the baby deer looks like a cyclops.  A tasty cyclops.

(Why yes I did sit in line and take pictures of the flora and the fauna of the McDonalds drive-thru.  Shut it, I know you’re jealous).


I Shall Build a Couch out of Cardboard

For all three of you who read my blog I wrote you a wonderful and fascinating post full of bad grammar, poor spelling, and run on sentences. But sadly my computer crashed.  I know. . .tear.

Becky and I are officially roommates!  Only my roommate has gone AWOL with the US NAVY and will be gone this weekend to visit her boyo in San Diego so thus I have been left to my own devices.  Actually, with the current state of the apartment I will probably be found dead under all of our unpacked boxes, and Becky’s oodles of knickknack’s and figurines will probably start their quest to take over the apartment.   

In other news.  Does anyone remember Mr. Pipp my beloved Christmas Cactus? Well he officially kicked it right before the move so I’m going to have to find something new to take care of and name something ridiculous.  I’m thinking a cat (thinking <– is the operative word as right now i’m not home enough for a cat).  I like this guy.   I’d definitely have to rename him something awesome like Moose or Finnegan or HM short for His Majesty (my Dad’s suggestion). This kind of cat looks like the kind that would great me at the stairs like a dog and hiss at the Bible Thumper neighbors. I also want an alpaca but I think the apartment managers would be a bit bitchy about a four legged farm creature inhabiting the apartment.

Tonight I have soccer and diving. I know *gasp* I’m playing soccer again. Its funny how you can walk away from something at 18 only to come back to it thanks to the promise of beer and a jersey with the number of your choice (#22 if you were curious). So after work I get to drive home and grab my soccer gear and then drive north for practice. Then I get to jump in the car and drive in rush hour traffic to the south end for diving. Woohoo!

Anyhoo. I’ll try to post pictures of the apartment. I’m also taking bids on all of Becky’s belongings while she’s gone this weekend and most of the next week 🙂 Kidding. . .maybe.