For My Own Entertainment

by aquagnome22

Today I learned that eating store brand wheat frozen waffles with cream cheese does not make a wholesome breakfast (shut up its tasty).  What it means is around noon I will consider gnawing on my desk in favor of finding out if particle board contains more than just fiber.  Instead I went to Wendys, which for whatever reason insists on putting my salad in a different bag than the rest of my food so I look like a chronic binge eater when I walk back into the office. 

I rushed back to my office from Wendys in time for an “interview” of sorts which I completed with one of my many managers.  The interview was based on a “strengths test” I took a few weeks ago.  My strengths are:






Basically what I think this means is that I’m a raging sociopath and will eventually eat my own young. . .either that or I just like talking and making sh*t up for my own entertainment all while selling you on my methods.  Take your pick on that one 🙂