Wicky Wicky Wild Wild

by aquagnome22

Tuesday Morning Diversion (because I want to assure you that I didn’t loose my wonky sense of humor over the weekend): 

“I just pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book from Amazon.com”

 “Really? I just purchased a “fresh whole rabbit. . .”

(Read the reviews, they’re the best part.  “I got two for my baby registry. . .” ).


This past weekend I helped with a PADI Rescue Course.   Long story short, due to my sinuses (which I want to surgically remove from my head**) I didn’t dive.  This was a let down since two dives were done at KVI and I’ve been waiting two years to dive at thatsite.  During the very last water rescue scenario I asked a student to zip up the back of my drysuit before jumping in to assist.  As I helped with our “victim” I realized I was getting soaked all the way down to my feet.  Soaked in my drysuit? Um that’s not right?  The kid who zipped up my dry suit goes “well your dry suit zipper is open by about 5 inches. . .”   I then unhinged my jaw and ate the student.  Ha ha just kidding.  He’s a nice kid, I won’t hold it against him too much 🙂  I figured it was just vicious payback for not diving all weekend.

PS- Be proud of me I just turned down free coffee from my boss.

PPS- Don’t be fooled I’m still probably having Starbucks for dinner. Starbucks is Love (or my key to digging myself into debt).

** No really, if given the opportunity, I’d have my sinuses removed from my head.  You would think they would have some sort of plastic doohickey that they could shove up there as an implant.  Similar to those implants they use for fake chins and cheek bones.  See I have it all figured out 🙂