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Month: April, 2007

Where in the US is Moi?

Right now I’m sitting in my hotel room in Washington DC with my feet up just having finished dinner and watching 24 (Gwads Fox what are you trying to do to us? Were your writers all on LSD this season?)

Part of me cannot believe I’m here, on business, on an expense account, and knowing that my company trusted me enough to ship my arse 3000 miles to attend a conference/tradeshow.  Then again,  I couldn’t believe they flew me to LA after a week on the job. I know that in reality, my being here in DC is more a matter of necessity and convienence but I’m still esctatic that I’m here.

After my flight I checked in and did some work from the hotel room.  Then I zonked out for about an hour before stepping out to explore Georgetown.  There’s a certain sense of freedom knowing that you’re on your own and wandering around a new city.  But at the same time I kept thinking about how much Gail would like this place, or how Kerry would love that pub, or how I bet Ben would just love that Indian place or that Thai place.  I still might try that Indian place tomorrow night.

I’m not 100% positive about my schedule for the next few days though I’m hoping that I will have a chance to do this route I picked out for myself.  It should take me from Georgetown through the Vietnam Memorial back to the White House and maybe a few other sites.  I also have some time to kill on Wednesday afternoon before flying home so I might check out the Smithsonian and catch lunch with my uncle.

So while I may only have 48 hours -ish in this city.  Hopefully I’ll get a bit out of it before I find myself back at Dulles attempting to find a Starbucks amongst the Dunkin Donuts (though the donuts looked mighty good earlier today).


A Happy Dose of Crazy and a Dash of Bitter

Seriously, I’m considering conducting my own blitzkrieg on my soon to be former doctor’s office.  

Oh the hate.

Oh and I’m also having a reaction to my antibiotics which were not given to be by the above mentioned doctor’s office because they refused to give me antibiotics because I was “fine”.  I’m so fine that I am on round two of antibiotics and have a steroid prescription because my sinuses are so screwed up.  And because life wasn’t cheery enough I now have hives over 90% of my body and I can’t see my ENT doctor until Thursday (because he’s on vacation again).

I know on some level I should be happy that my throat isn’t closing up and I’m not dropping dead at my desk but really I’d rather just take these stupid pills and get back to diving.

PS- I’m going to a conference next week that has erected a lighthouse to symbolize a “beacon to all who enter” or some such ridiculousness.  Did I mention apparently the theme of said conference is “under the sea” or something similar which I will mock from the moment I get on the plane till the moment I get home.  I’m good at mocking things (I should put this skill on my resume “Equal Opportunity Mocker” )  Geez.  I’m just excited to see the lighthouse.