~Diving Deep~

by aquagnome22

Tonight on Primetime is a story about cave and rebreather diving in what can only be described as a “really deep hole” in the middle of South Africia.   I first read about this story a year or so ago but Primetime picked it up and its really quite interesting.  If you get a chance, the story of this group of divers and their quest to recover a diver who perished 10 years prior 900 ft into the abyss.  It is truly an amazing yet tragic story and it gives me chills watching the interviews and video of the event.  You can find the transcript here.


On a totally different note.  If I see one more Cialis commercial  . . . I’m not sure what I’ll do but GRAH!!  By the way if you’re taking nitrates for a heart condition you probably shouldn’t take Cialis.  Oh and it hasn’t been tested for “multiple usage” or some such thing with one dose.  I like how they throw in those subtle phallic symbols in every commercial.  Oh no that lighthouse is just there for the hell of it, no really it isn’t a penis.  WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU YOU PERVERT WHY IS YOUR MIND IN THE GUTTER ITS JUST SOMETHING THAT HELPS OUR MARITIME INDUSTRY.  IT IS NOT A PENIS!  Oh and that “waking” and “rising” and “arching” sun has nothing to do with anything.  Don’t make a mockery of our Earth’s rotation you twit.


Why yes I did take media criticism and advertising in college why do you ask? 

Okay I’m done now 🙂