Hmm Tim Hortons. . .T-24 hours. . .

by aquagnome22

Question and Answer Time With Me!

Question:  Do I want to see what’s growing in the damp, moist, inner receses of my BCD? 

Answer:  Hmm probably not. . . I’m probably manufacturing some sort of mold toxic sludge in that thing

Question:  Did I learn yesterday that drinking 8 cups of coffee and not eating is a very bad idea. 

Answer: Yes. Yes I did. . .  “You realize you’re shaking right, that’s not a good thing. . .HOW MUCH COFFEE HAVE YOU HAD TODAY?!” (as said to me by our grand pubah of diving)  <– I was holding a double tall mocha too.  My acid reflux hates me right now.

Question: Did I act like a monkey with tourettes while binge drinking coffee? 

Answer:  Maybe. . .don’t judge me.

Question:  Did I find out yesterday that my current position was supposed to be for an assistant but I was hoodwinked/bamboozled into believing otherwise when I told them I had absoltely no intention of being an assistant during my interview?  (I asked specifically about this more than once in my interview).  

Answer:  Yes.  Sigh.

(Yes, its true, I just wanted to use the terms hoodwinked and bamboozled in a sentence)

Question: Did I just consume an entire bag of cheese puffs, some twix, and a slurpee in under 15 minutes. 

Answer: Yes.  I blame the coffee detox

Question: Am I going to have an awesome weekend? 

Answer: Sweet Jesus yes.

Question: Will I enjoy some Canadian/Mexican fine dining this weekend?  (I’m going to start telling people I’m Candian American with an affinity for cheap beer, Tim Hortons, and Nanaimo bars)

Answer: Yes

Question: Am I excited to go across the border and pick up a Canadian accent?

Answer:  Oh probably.  Eh!?

Question: Do I realize i’m insane?

Answer: Yes. Its part of my c-h-a-r-m

Question:  Am I scared of doing sending the e-mail I’ve been revising for the past four days and walking out of this office for the last time?

Answer: Very much so.  I’m trying to tell myself that it isn’t that big of a deal.  And since he hasn’t talked to me face to face in over a week minus his ridiculous e-mail then I think his lack of action pretty much tells me all I need to know about whether or not I should leave.

This weekend I’m going on awesome trip.

Next week I’m starting the next chapter in my career.

And all I can think about is what I’m doing in 30 minutes.