So Much For Leaving On A Good Note. . .Effers.

by aquagnome22

Here’s a question:  When you’re being screwed in your last days at work because your boss is choosing to act like an infantile f*ckwit, do you take the high road or do you put in the last zing before you skip your way out the door. 

This is the question I’m trying to answer.  And I’m tending to lean towards the –screw him- method of dealing with the situation though I will probably end up doing this in a semi-professional manner. You know, if semi-professional means quitting a week before my two week’s are up and instead of talking to my boss face-to-face I’ll use a page out of his own book and send him an e-mail. 

Monday night I checked my mail and found an e-mail from my boss.  It was sent 10-15 minutes after I left for the day (as in he waited for me to leave, then e-mailed me).      Basically, he wrote that if I planned to be on personal calls for the remainder of my time with the company then I could leave sooner than next week (I had taken two personal calls during the day. TWO.  One of which was during lunch break and neither call going over 15 minutes). LAME.  After my initial WTF and feelings of rage subsided I got a bit teary.  (Ben was with me when I read the e-mail, and I had such hope that he wouldn’t see an emotional me for a bit longer.  He was also not impressed by my boss’ lack of professionalism.) 

Crying doesn’t fix anything in this situation but it was out of pure frustration.  Frustration that this is what its come to with my boss, and because out of a year and a half of work this is the type of bullsh*t and lack of respect I am dealing with during my last two weeks. 

Remember this is the guy who could not find the time to e-mail me when I was snowed/iced in, or e-mail me when I had the flu and needed help with an important client, or when I turned in a project for review which sat on his desk for four months.  But apparently he can find time to message me about two personal phone calls. This situation has also made it very clear that no matter how I finish up my time at the company, I am not a valued member of this team and that he has a very low view of me.

If I wasn’t getting my work done or if I wasn’t making sales quotas then I could understand his concerns (oh wait I am top in sales thank-you-very-much).  However, I would also argue that if he had some issue with me, we should have had a conversation before I turned in my notice.  Or maybe he should just grow a pair, take a class on effective leadership and management, and quit being a douche. 

I know that his e-mail was more or less retaliation for my quitting.  I know he’s just acting out like a small child who isn’t getting his or her way, but it’s still very disappointing and frustrating.   One of my coworkers made a comment about how sad it is that he is acting this way during my last few days at work.

I didn’t really sleep Monday night, I just re-wrote my letter to him over and over in my dreams.   I used a lot of terms that would be the equivalent of Becky’s language skills when she returns from extended periods with the NAVY.  Most of the words I used yesterday included the word “ass” paired with “clown” or “puppet” or “jockey” or “f*ck”.    

Yesterday, I sped up the process of starting with my new company.  I drove some ridiculous distance to take my drug screen at a provider closer to the employer (because it will take 1-3 days versus a week for results).   I hate drug screens because I always feel dirty afterwards.  The cleanliness of the bathroom at this place would be best compared to a questionable gas station facility.  My future employer will find out that I am not a habitual drug user and I in turn will cross my fingers that I did not get crabs from this exercise.  

I called my new employer and let them know that I would be available for work this coming Monday if they could take me early.  If they can’t take me early I’ll probably head home and visit the parents or catch up on the Price is Right (PLINKO!). I can find a million other things to do with my time with people who actually value me. 

My boss has not spoken to me or looked at me since I turned in my notice.  He has not e-mailed me since Monday night. I’m invisible again. It is sad, it is pathetic, and my language has all but gone to hell.  Stress related acid reflux is now my enemy. 

So tomorrow, on March 1st, I will be sending a late e-mail to my boss ala his passive aggressive pathetic correspondence from Monday night explaining that my last day is now Tuesday.  BUT I will be taking Friday and Monday-Tuesday off as vacation time so I’m not screwed out of being paid out for those days.   With any luck it will “brighten” his Friday morning.   And with any luck I’ll be across the border in Canada if/when he calls me up.  ßI have a better chance of sprouting horns, a tail, and cloven hooves, than his actually calling me.  

 Its really too bad that it is socially and professionally unacceptable to call your soon to be ex-boss a “juvenile assbag” in your final letter to him.