Selling My Eggs for a New Job. . .

by aquagnome22

You would think since I was out for 4 out of 5 days last week that JUST MAYBE my boss would ask me how I’m feeling or check on my work load or maybe make grunting sounds in my general direction. Scratch that I think I’ll skip the grunting noises. . .


“Hi Alexa, how are you feeling”


“Great you’re back!”


“I hate you please quit”


“Your frighten me that’s why I hide from you”


“That flu must have been really nasty, glad to see you’re feeling better”

Instead I’m being ignored and questions are again being funneled through the proxy (coworker). 

Nice buddy. 

And what I love is that when I turn in my two week’s notice he’ll probably look at me like I just ran over his golden retriever with my H1 and told him Santa won’t be visiting this year.

I’m a bitch aren’t I?

I greatly enjoyed my conversation with the “Casino That Cannot Follow Directions” (CTCFD) this morning.

CTCFD:  These are not the same terms and conditions that we signed four years ago.  We have special terms and conditions.  BLAH BLAH I AM A LAWYER FROM NEW JERSEY BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.  BLAH BLAH TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND BIG LAWYER WORDS BLAH BLAH BLAH. HEAR ME ROAR BLAH BLAH I EAT FLOWERS

Me: I do not like lawyers or people from New Jersey, I laugh at your lawyer talk and suggest you get a real job. Perhaps they have an opening at the craps tables or working as a cocktail waitress.

 Okay I didn’t really tell my new assclown friend to get a real job though I probably made it a bit clear that I didn’t give a flying f*ck if she just spent the last two days reading four point font materials and making a new terms and conditions for me.  I mean gwads all of this for an easy sale?  This is like arguing with McDonalds about the terms and conditions of their selling you a freaking Big Mac.   And by the way, that property signed my terms and conditions in December of 2006 which made the 2003 contracts null and void.  So there.  I win.  🙂  I’m a crafty little sales guru who irritates lawyers without even trying.

PS- I won’t sell my eggs for a new job.  Though quite temping. 🙂  However, I think I know where I might be moving and in that case I might have to sell them to make rent. . .