My Thoughts on the KFC/TACO BELL CONNECTION :)

by aquagnome22

For any of you who have spent any amount of time with me, you know my thoughts on combination quick serve restaurants.

Let me sum up my thoughts on these things in one word -EW-. The one I detest the most is the KFC/Taco Bell connection. For the love of God do I want my fried chicken and biscuits tainted with the evil known as Taco Bell? NO NO NO. Taco Bell belongs in its own little hovel which I can get my chicken gordita supreme without wondering why it smells like fried chicken or pizza.

I had this chat with Ben the other day about my thoughts on combination restaurants. I’m pretty sure he now thinks I’m completly insane but is allowing this quirk of mine to slide 🙂 Along with combination restaurants I’m also a firm believer that gas stations and Starbucks do not mix (which deserves its own post as I am also partial to Starbucks with drive-thrus because God forbid I actually exit my vehicle for coffee goodness)

The only combo I have seen that I find remotely acceptable is the KFC/A&W connection which I partake in when driving back to WSU/Pullman (because I’m too lazy to drive to the McDonalds in Othello, WA). I can get my biscuits and happily shovel them into my mouth driving down highway 26 without anyone baring witness to the fact that I just consumed 450grams of trans fat in the form of biscuity goodness (plus I get A&W root beer to boot!).

But you see I’m not the only one who has this issue!!!   The Consumerist talks about this here. . .

This only proves that there are other enlightened people out there just like me. . .special people who understand that our biscuits food should not be tainted by the likes of a young minimum wage worker that probably spent the better part of his or her shift manufacturing and selling meth from the drive-thru window.  

The Colonel would not want to know that his pride and joy was being molested by the likes of Taco Bell or Pizza Hut (Its like A Pizza You Eat Like a Sandwich! <– just for you Jenn). 

However, I must say the combination of a Long John Silvers and KFC is uniquely disturbing.

Regardless, I’m happy to know there are others out there like me who know that combination restaurants suck. *

*Also semi-acceptable but only in Canada, the Tim Hortons/Wendy’s mix.   One’s ability to eat donuts and Wendys is fan-tab-u-lous.  I’m a freak.