Drooling SARS and Day Time TV

by aquagnome22

Today I got up and went to work. . .or at least tried to go to work.  I got into work and the coworkers were immediately like “EW ACK GO AWAY”  and I sniffled and made noise and sat down at my desk and made phone calls of idle threats to an Atlantic City casino that cannot follow directions.  And then it was requested that I um. . .you know. . .go home.

Excuse me, I should go back a bit.  First I sniffled my way to the building’s concierge desk to pick up these:

Because someone is wonderful and got these for me for Valentines Day because he remembered that I liked getting flowers at work.  I would show you the whole bouquet but those pictures showareas of my apartment . . .and lets face it, my apartment is currently a slum. A slum of flu/SARS which looks like a heroin den.

Oh and not to toot my own horn or anything but I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with a client (the largest client in that division who is thinking about switching products) and do I get a kudos? Oh hell no I don’t.  Does my boss pick up his phone when I call with news he might just want to know about?  About how I just convinced them otherwise?  No he doesn’t.  But he sure e-mails me back with emails full of paranoia and “ohmygosh I should call corporate”     Thanks buddy.

At least the client was glad I called them even though I’m a bucket-o-SARS.  That’s because I’m an awesome employee.  I feel like making my own song to the Team America theme song.

Goes something like “Team Alexa F*ck Yeah!”  yeah I’m not creative right now.  We’re lucky I’m functional at all since all that is on tv is soaps and shows about childbirth which scare the bejezus out of me.  And damn it Comcast why isn’t InDemand working?  I need a Tivo.

I’m also becoming friends with liquid Tussin, that would be generic Safeway Robitussin for the rest of you.