Happy Valentines Day- I Like Mucinex

by aquagnome22

You know you’re sick when the following happens:

1. You have taken approximately six showers in 36 hours but only so you can breathe. . . (I finally washed my hair this morning)

2. You sleep approximately 12 hours during the DAY

3. You have eaten the following in the last 36 hours 6 Popsicles, 1 thing of ramen, lots of water

4. Your new friends are Mucinex and Dayquil and Vicks

5. You voluntarily watch Walker Texas Ranger


Today I learned the following from WMFTR

a. “We’re not in a courtroom counselor, we’re in a parking lot. . .the same rules do not apply”  Well crap I don’t need law school after advice like that! Thanks Chuck Norris!

b. If you are wearing a black cowboy hat you can approach and touch small children at road side dinners without anyone making a fuss.  Of course WMFTR is in Texas so maybe that’s normal?

c. You cannot trust Jewish women who run bingo parlors.   They will trick you and poison you with their soup.

d. You can hide oodles of cash in a headstone.  But WMFTR will find you anyways

e. You can pay women for their clothing in an airport to escape from WMFTR. . .but he will still find you

God this show was worse than watching Matlock, and I think I have literally seen every single episode of Matlock. . .and Murder She Wrote for that matter.  

Also, when I am home sick one of my greatest joys is watching TLC’s the Wedding Story.  One of my largest sick-day peeves is when the Wedding Story features ugly people.  WHY TLC MUST YOU MOCK ME WITH THE UGLY PEOPLE. 

 I’m now watching Oprah. . .and contemplating going to the 7Eleven (or bashing my head in due to bad TV).  I have debated the 7Eleven for two days but it seems really really far away (its attached to my building).

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!