My Alumni Money Is Going Where?

by aquagnome22

Are you wondering what to do for that special someone this Valentines Day?  You know besides giving some ridiculous white teddy bear holding a heart that was most likely stitched together by a small child tethered to a table in a third world country?  Well does my university have an idea for you!  In today’s online edition of my Alma Mater’s paper a budding journalist (that I pray is not going into journalism) has a great idea to celebrate our upcoming holiday.

Make a movie!

Yes THAT type of a movie!  Bam chicka baw wah. . .(obviously I didn’t go to BYU)

You can even check out all the equipment from the university for free!  Because nothing says “educational value” like knowing your college aged child is making his or her own college keepsake!

Well hot damn.  I just used that equipment to film a group culinary/wine project. . .if only I had known that the big wide world of adult entertainment had been in my grasps!  My dreams of winning an AVN award have been foiled!

Oh and if you need costume supplies because you’re into that kind of thing then just hop and skip your way over the boarder into Idaho and they can hook you right up with your role playing needs. 

Personally I just want to design and market a t-shirt that says “Valentine’s Day Is Not For Your Mom Asshole”   I bet I could make some money off it. . .maybe I should try it over at CafePress.

On a totally different topic. thank God for ABC for putting up Grey’s Anatomy episodes free online. (Because what else is there to do at work than use up bandwith by watching missed tv)  Last night’s episode gave me chills.  Mostly because every single day I pass by the area where they filmed that episode (even though most of it was superimposed but whatever).  Did you see the roadway behind the accident scene (Alaskan Way Viaduct)?  Yeah I drive on that road every single day.  I think the chance of the viaduct pancaking on itself or tipping over has a greater probability of happening than that type of ferry accident but whatever. . .but not to worry I have an escape route.  It includes my running like holy hell and jumping into one of the trees that line the route.  Yes. . .very smart I am. . . 🙂

PS:  If you are planning to rent film making equipment from the university please remember to disinfect the hell out of that stuff. . .ew sticky.