. . .My hoard of alpacas will get you Capital One!

by aquagnome22

There is a running joke in my office that every one to three months I end up needing to talk to a credit card company because of some sort of billing mistake (I use three card companies not including the anti-Christ known as my Macy’s Card).   This month the winner is Capital One. 

Last month my bill was screwed up (not due to me) and low and behold there was a finance charge.  A finance charge I sure as hell wasn’t paying since it wasn’t mine!   So after talking to my off shore friend who was probably named some sort of biblical goodness like Noah or John or Abraham or Paul but his real name is probably something I can’t even pronounce, yadda yadda, the finance charge was credited back to me.

Fast forward to this month’s statement where there is a $6.82 fee.  Um what?  So I call up Capital One AGAIN to discuss this issue since my card was paid off in full (as it is every single month suckers!).  Apparently my friend Noah/John/Abraham/Paul didn’t credit back my account fast enough and thus I was still charged another finance fee.   Awesome.  My new buddy Chris from Ontario, Canada** took the fee off again, but tells me that there may be a residual finance fee because their billing doesn’t always catch the mistakes (so its the customer’s problem that you are bilking them out of random amounts each month?  Thanks Capital One!).  But if that extra $1.50 or whatever it is bothers me than I can feel free to call back and be on hold for another 10 minutes. (Are-You-Kidding-Me)

Well Chris, I guess I’ll be talking to you again next month!   Because damn straight i’m going to make sure your company doesn’t get an extra dime from me!

Alpaca Says:  “Don’t Be a Bunch of Asshats Capital One!”

**Though I don’t typically have a problem with abusing credit card company call center employees I try not to abuse my Canadian friends. 

*** Check your statements people! I check mine weekly because I’m an ADD freak!