What Meeting? Huh? Where am I?

by aquagnome22

Work is well. . .giving me an elevated heart rate and mood swings.

Imagine my surprise when the coworker comes up to me and says “our meeting is cancelled” and my response is “what meeting?” in a near panic as these meetings typically take me hours of prep. 

You see, I was told by my boss that our meetings were cancelled a few weeks ago (during the same meeting where I learned that he screwed up our bonuses.  Nothing says “I HEART MY COMPANY” more than learning your bonus is f*cked and the only response from your manager is “whoops”).

Apparently I didn’t get the memo that those worthless meetings were back on the calendar.  The calendar of arbitrary bullsh*t where events and meetings are scheduled but never actually happen. . .until 5:30pm on a Friday when I’d rather be at happy hour  instead of sitting in a conference room discussing how we should re-word some crap in an excel spreadsheet. 

Perhaps next time my boss can have an actual conversation with me instead of thinking that i’ll somehow learn about meetings through his proxy (the coworker) or magic elves.

Not that I’m bitter.

Also, the toaster incinerated my bagel today.  But I ate it anyways, covered in cream cheese with a questionable pull date.  🙂