What did you do at work today? Mooo. . .

by aquagnome22

Since I love Jenn and want to show the world that she owns some snazzy overalls and can stick her hands in large mammals I bring you.  . . Jenn-is-a-vet-a-palooza.  Soon you can call her Doctor!  Or Doctah. . .make it all snazzy like. 

My Dad wanted to know if Jenn at least took the cow to dinner first. . .hmm beef. . .actually this is a dairy cow isn’t it? Ah to hell if I know I majored in Advertising. . .Mooo.  (Why yes that is Jenn with her arm inside a cow)

   <–I’ll fix the ghetto picture later.  Stupid photobucket.

Hmm alpaca.  I love me some alpaca.  They look like giant cuddle monkeys.  Except when they spit at you.  Jenn loves her alpaca friends. . .except when they watch her. . .always watching her. . .

Who wants some more cow: