Wheeee. . .dyslexia. . .

by aquagnome22

Back in college I did a speech on dyslexia complete with overheads (exciting stuff I know) of how a dyslexic brain functions compared to a normal brain.  It was really quite interesting because the visuals showed the differences of how each brain processed the same information.  Or in other words, the overheads showed how my brain is a complete cluster.  

I bring this up because last night my dyslexia and test anxiety ridden self made an appearance during one of my PADI Dive Master quizzes.  Want to see me pissed off?  Watch me fail a freaking dive related quiz.  It was a physics related quiz complete with multi-choice answers and as my dad put it “I’m surprised you got any right at all!”  (due to the format) Thanks Dad.

The thing is I can write or bullsh*t my way out of most anything.  This is why I majored in Communication and Advertising and not say Engineering. I went into college as a business major and could not for the life of me pass business math.  The day I switched my major happened on the the same day I realized I was only pulling a 67% in business math.  BUSINESS MATH PEOPLE IT AIN’T ROCKET SCIENCE.  I walked out of the auditorium in the middle of class, went to my dorm, dropped the class, and switched my major.  

Around this time I had had enough of the test/math related BS and had myself properly tested for dyslexia (something that should have been done around the same time my parents practically tethered me to a table and forced me to write out multiplication tables for hours on end because I couldn’t remember them).  The process was lame, it was long, and what I got out of it was permission by the university to take my tests in my own cute little room.   What I wanted was the professors to quit using freaking multi-choice exams and give everything to me in essay format.  Because I am the center of the universe and people should do my bidding. . .

The form of dyslexia we think I have is called dyscalculia.  Supposedly only 5% of dyslexics have this form, either that or my parents dropped me too many times as a baby (or the SE Asian doctors screwed up my delivery).  Chances are though that I inherited it, along with some other lovely traits (anxiety! woohoo! and the boobs. . .we’re not sure where those came from . . .I-AM-A-GENETIC-MUTANT 🙂 ).

Below is one of the characteristics of dyscalculia:

Inability to grasp and remember math concepts, rules, formulas, sequence (order of operations), basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  Poor long term memory (retention and retrieval) of concept mastery- may be able to perform math operations one day but draw a blank the next.  May be able to do book work but fails all tests and quizzes.

The above is exactly what happened last night.  I read the book, finished the practice questions in the workbook, I was even given the equations for the quiz, and when I looked down at the quiz my mind went completely blank.  Of course it doesn’t help that in the middle of this quiz the thought that went through my head is “Who gives a flying f*ck if I take a damn balloon to 165ft. Screw the balloon.”

Needless to say I failed by two points.  Thus, I’m taking the quiz again on Thursday because I’m stubborn and refuse to wait another week.

In other news, our favorite conservative Christian retailer is selling Anime porn.  They won’t sell you uncensored music, but when it comes to Anime porn you’re all clear.

And one last thing:

This is a photo showing the new Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.   Art. Whee.