My Clients Are Making Me Twitchy

by aquagnome22

My clients are driving me up the wall today.  I’m not sure if its my lack of sleep or if they all got together over the weekend, huffed a lot of glue, and then decided to send me inane emails all morning.  

1. I sell goods and services.  These goods and services have set prices.  No you may not come up with your own price.  <–This defeats the purpose of running a business.

2. Crossing out three lines of required billable items on a price quote makes me a wee bit of aggravated.  Especially when a client in JORDAN crosses out the “international shipping expense” line.   Umm? What am I going to do ship the software and manuals via a flying monkey service?  GRRR.

3. The Sales Process.  Now this is a toughie so pay attention.  You and I discuss what your company needs.  I send you an order form.  You sign off to the terms and conditions of the order form. I schedule your services.

My sales process does not include me figuring out through magic osmosis that you wanted to be trained this week when you have NOT SIGNED AN ORDER FORM.  Because I do not have magical fairy powers that assist in my reading minds.  (those powers only appear after copious amounts of alcohol and migraine medications.  When this happens I can also explain how to wrangle a tumbleweed and explain my master plan to take over the world). 

Anyhoo. . .busy busy week ahead. I have a pool session tonight for diving and cert class tomorrow. (I also need to track down my din/yoke adapter.  But the scuba closet/pantry frightens me at the moment). 

My parents are going to be in town starting tomorrow and we will all be living in my 625 sqft of cubby goodness for three days.  I’ll probably need a stiff drink by Friday. . .or five.