I Can’t Think Of Anything To Put Here. . .whatever

by aquagnome22

I started my quest for a new job sometime around Thanksgiving-ish. . .ok fine I dabbled in it earlier than November but that isn’t the point.  There were many moments over these past few months that have left me wanting to run screaming from my company.  For instance, when my boss told me during my annual review (which he forgot about. . .because I don’t exists. . .stupid-corporate-puppet) that he had no idea what I do all day but that I keep bringing in sales so that has to be good right?  Yeah that one kinda made me twitchy.  Or when he told me if our largest client didn’t like me he’d fire me (that one was nice). But last week kind of finished me off. . .

alkinews.com Alki 2007

Seattle + Snow + Ice = Hell.   Do you see the above picture! Jesus Mary and Joseph people this is Alki Beach! I run and dive there! This is at f*cking snow level! A lady with sled dogs!  I live a bit higher than this and let me tell you , I sure as hell wasn’t going to drive to work with those assbags out there who think that just because they own a H3 means they can somehow drive in snow and ice.  (And for the record, I actually know how to drive in snow and ice thank you WSU).  I even heard Metro drivers yelling for people to get out of their way as they came down my street! 

So like a good little desk jobber I started working from home.  And then the emails from the crazy coworker started.  And she started going through my desk.  And my boss was ignoring all of my emails and phone calls.  Then I got an email from the crazy coworker that said something like. . .

“If you can’t figure out a way to get to work in a reasonable amount of time maybe you should rethink what you’re doing”

Um excuse me?  What do you think I’m doing? Jacking around watching f*cking TLC and wondering if some hippie family will have a natural child birth in their living room? <–No

So I got in my car and drove to work. In second gear. Prayed I didn’t need to use my brakes. And nearly hit a bus.  But I got to work for my oh-so-exciting day (Not).  And when my boss saw me did he say hi?  HAHAHA. No.  Instead he clutched his Subway lunch to his chest and looked down as he passed me.  Awesome.   How about a “thanks for getting into work today even though its unclear you can get home tonight” or we could start small, perhaps with a “hi” .   Maybe I’m an Alpha-Dog.  Beware of my mighty powers. . .anyways

So today I have a three hour long interview with a nice little start-up company.   For this  interview I had to come up with something better than saying I have a doctor’s appointment (because unless I hack up a vital organ or break something I think the doctor’s excuse is dead). . . Today’s excuse (shakes magic 8 ball)

The winner is:

-I must drive to Tacoma and meet with our family lawyer to have my Grandmother’s will signed.  –

Shut it. This actually happened!  Only I pawned this errand off on my parents months ago.  (But if grandma needs the plug pulled I can totally legally do it. . .not that I want to because that would be horrible and I’d probably end up in therapy)

So wish me luck on the interview.  Perhaps they’ll shower me with awesome salary, benefits, flex spending accounts, and a manager that isn’t afraid of me!