Lists Are Fun. . .

by aquagnome22

I fell asleep at my desk this morning.  It was classy.  I also ended up with a migraine.  But like the stubborn twit that I am I refused to take meds until 3:30 because I thought I was just tired. . .um no i’m sorry being tired doesn’t make you want to die.   I heart Imitrex. . .even though it makes my arms go numb.  Details. . . 

List time!

1. Lawn Gnomes are awesome.  I must have this shirt 

2. My boss failed to process our bonus checks and he told us that if we were hard up on cash to let him know. Umm?  What am I going to do, go slip into his office and ask him to spot me a $50? 

3. This weekend I was introduced into the world of 24. Gee is Toyota a sponsor this season? Hello, look at Jack Bauer in the new Rav4. . .in China. . .its a Rav4 for Godsake. Oh and Jack Bauer used his mighty death bite to kill someone. Kinda icky.

4. One of the “benefits” of working on a government holiday is that I was able to park in front of the building for free today. It also means my car is was parked in the middle of a MLK Day Parade route. I keep forgetting about that damn parade.

5. Dear Costco- Open your damn car wash.  My car is dirty and requires a bath and I don’t actually want to exit the vehicle for this task.  And in all honesty, the $7 it costs to go through your magic carwash is well worth the entertainment value. 

6. I really need to quit being a freak and just take my migraine meds.  Like at the onset of the migraine, not halfway through when I’m wondering how I’m going to drive home. 

7. My T-Fal grill is the greatest invention ever. 

8.  Waaah migraines

9.  Here is my fabulous gnome.  He used to be an indoor gnome but now he faces the elements and guards my lanai from the evils of birds and my Russian neighbors (who are really quite nice).

Gnomey McGnomekins

10.  One of my pseudo goals (pseudo=asinine) for my 25th year/2007 was to be obnoxious, be ridiculousness, drink a lot, buy slutty shirts, travel, train for a tri and another half marathon, and avoid douchebags and other members of the opposite sex. Basically a continuation of my re-release or whatever it is Gail calls this stage of my life.   And then someone came into my life and I think that this pseudo goal is now null and void.  And he knows it. . .damn it 🙂