Hmm pesticides. . .and other reasons why people read my blog

by aquagnome22

Today I decided to look through my blog stats (how nerdy) and see how people are finding this ridiculous blog.

To the person who found my blog via “how to make wasp killer into meth”  I am concerned about how you are spending your free time.  Has your situation gotten so bad that the Rite-Aid down the street will no longer sell you meth making supplies? Have you been forced to turn to the aisles of Home Depot for your meth fix?   Because honestly, I doubt wasp killer is the answer to your problems. **  And in all seriousness, meth is ghetto, white trashy, and dirty. Don’t you enjoy having a full set of teeth?  May I suggest an addiction to something a little less nasty?  Like diet coke and oreos?

Last night I got sucked into watching Brokeback Mountain. . .again.  I haven’t actually watched the entire movie.  Just bits and pieces starting with the last 20 minutes and some random parts mid-movie.  Honestly, watching the movie starting with the last 20 minutes hasn’t particularly helped with enjoying it. . .course then again I enjoy movies like Europe Trip and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle so maybe Brokeback Mountain isn’t really my thing.  WHAT?! Watching a movie about the trials and tribulations of gay cowboys isn’t my thing? No one saw that coming right?

I fell asleep as Jake’s G’s character was soliciting sex from men at a rodeo/fair/whatever the hell it was. . . I really must stop watching Brokeback Mountain.  I wasn’t aware that those events were breeding grounds for sex shennanigans but I guess we learn new things every day. Si? 

Around this time Clompy McFatty Pants upstairs started practicing his Lord of Asshattery dance which sounds like a poor man’s rendition of Broadway’s STOMP. Thus, I was awake again which was super irritating since I never even heard the old person who lived above me but the new guy sucks.  But its okay, because if I hadn’t been awake again I wouldn’t have gotten Kerry’s most excellent text message (btw, isn’t very entertaining but can help you land a mail-order bride) or had the chance to catch up for Ben before passing out again.

For the rest of the afternoon my goals are simple:

1. Work.  Duh!

2. Take trip to 7Eleven to buy slurpee and carb/sugar goodness

3. Attempt to find logic and reasoning in purchasing $100 in items from Vic Secret’s sale simply so I can have free shipping. 

4. Go to DM class

5. Not kill/maim/scream/or otherwise show road rage during my drive to and from the DM Class

And in other news.  I was the top sales person the last two quarters.  Where is my free t-shirt and medal for that one? 🙂  Kidding.  But I am pretty stoked that I had the top sales numbers 🙂 

** You can purchase a 4 pack of Raid Wasp Killer at Sams Club.  Enjoy!