Oh it’s a Monday. . .where is that TPS report?

by aquagnome22

Its 10pm at night and I just got a hate mail letter from one of my trainers (we have trainers that travel the country teaching our clients how to use our software tool).  Part of me wants to write back something a little vicious but really what’s the point.  What I’d really like to know is why I’m checking my work e-mail at 10pm at night in the first place.

I have also started a mini war with the rent-a-cops in our building. The words “blow me” might have exited my lady like mouth at some point today (don’t worry, they couldn’t hear me) in reference to them demanding that my ID be visable at all times.  I don’t even look like my ID! Even the guy at the front desk said I didn’t look like my ID.  Its worse than my passport photo!  

Kerry just texted me and said “I want to date a cop or an fbi agent. Is there a website for that?  Dateacop.com or something?”

See its obviuosly been a very productive Monday for everyone.

I know you are jealous.

Oh and my weekend was freaking fabulous and I got to go skiing 🙂  Oh and let me tell you, I’m a champ on rental skis.  Somewhere between a cluster and a Olympic skier 🙂