Monday Grrs. . .

by aquagnome22

In my infinite wisdom I decided to brave the Seattle Metro DMV during lunch.  I knew better than to do this, I knew I was setting myself up for something that would leave me feeling absolutely crazy, but since my boss and two of my coworkers were out of the office I thought I would give this DMV office a shot.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid!

11:30 Check DMV wait time online.  DMV website says 20 minutes.  I leave the office

11:45 While driving to the DMV my father tells me that the website now says 40 minute wait time.  Awesome!

11:47 Enter 7th Circle of Hell  – Now Servicing # 588

11:50 I am sitting next to a kid listening to Punjabi techno.  He is using his headphones but I can hear everything clearly.  He has to be going deaf.

11:53 Why are there only 2 people working during the lunch hour?

11:57 This was such a bad idea

12pm Why are they still on #588

12:10 Lady gets angry and demands to know why she has to sit in line to get her license renewed.  I debate smacking her for being stupid

12:15 My Punjabi techno friend makes new friends with two Indian men who start talking to him in . . .well. . .Punjabi.  My little Anglo Saxon friend has to explain to his new Indian friends that he doesn’t speak Punjabi.  (Because no one saw that one coming) They tell him he has an excellent taste in music.  I debate smashing the ipod into little bits

12:20 Now servicing #589.  I start wondering why they have a poster of the “Life cycle of a Salmon” next to a poster showing “The Many Faces of Meth”

12:23 I wonder how many people in here are on meth. . .

12:27 Screw this. . .

So in the little over 30 minutes I spent inside the DMV they helped two people.  They were still helping person #2 when I left.  My number was 615. 

So now the debate is how I will get my license renewed before it expires in two days.  I’m seriously contemplating driving with an expired license until I can get home for Christmas. 

My other Monday morning GRR is for my boss.  I had Easy Mac for lunch (hey, its easy) and I left the mug I used filled with water to help soften the nasty cheese.  I do this every day, and then I come back and wash out the mug and put it in the dishwasher.  So my boss sees my offensive mug in the sink, doesn’t realize the mug is mine, and launches into a huge speech about how he “UNLOADED THE DISHWASHER” and “PUT CUPS AWAY” and “WHY ISN’T THAT MUG IN THE DISHWASHER”  When he was done with his rant I went and put my mug away. . .grr.  

I load and unload the dishwasher practically every day.  I also wipe down the counters and microwave almost every day because I work wish people who think I want to see pieces of their lunch mixed with splattered coffee.  The last thing I want to hear is about how my boss unloaded the dishwasher for the first time in months.  GRR

I had a fabulous weekend though! I shall focus on my weekend. . .