Wind Storms. . .

by aquagnome22

Today I woke up refreshed for the first time in weeks.  I rolled over and thought “hmmm its light outside. . .light. . .hmm. . .OMG”  Yeah the electricity went out sometime during the night so I got up an hour and a half late.  But that extra hour and a half of sleep was blissful.

Anyways, the city is well. . .thrashed.  Kerry’s family is bribing me to use my shower.  People have lost their cars and homes, roads are screwed, power is out pretty much everywhere.


Don’t worry because the ferris wheel at the Seattle Center has power. 

I’m going to a potluck/holiday party tonight. . .I’m pretty sure generators are involved.

I’d also like to thank my boss for communicating with me sooo effectively(sarcasm. . .sarcasm. . .grr).  Because telling me yet again to ask my coworker things because he doesn’t want to bother really puts a warm spot in my heart.  It really makes me want to stay at this company.  I really enjoy getting emails that say “I’m tired of typing this email to you. . .ask (insert coworker’s name).  Gee thanks.