by aquagnome22

Hmm early morning interviews with little sleep? Check yes.

“Why yes I am a fabulous person! Hire me and shower me with benefits and 401k matching programs and a great dental plan”

Last night I didn’t get home until well after midnight, and no, a bar wasn’t involved.  This is because I’m back to assisting with SCUBA classes and the new pool we use is between the middle of nowhere and Muckleshoot Casino (which as far as i’m concerned, is also in the middle of nowhere).   The next time I have a class maybe I’ll just chill at the casino and play slots all night. 

I took HWY 18 back to I-5 (HATE HWY 18) and the WSDOT had a sign out that said “SB I-5 ON RAMP CLOSED”  In my exhaustion I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what “SB” stood for and drove past my perfectly good on ramp for I-5 NORTH.

SB= South bound

Me= Not Smart at 12:15 am at night

So I say F U WSDOT and made a excessively illegal perfectly safe U-Turn across the highway.

This morning I got up, covered the dark circles under my eyes with an assortment of makeup and went to my interview. My interviewer had to let me into the building and I picked the wrong building. Nice work me. Its not my fault the two buildings are completely identical. . .okay I’m just retarded. Anyways, I was on time (thank God), and everything went really well.

Things I did NOT ask for this Christmas/Birthday season:

Tandem Mittens