Like a Wookie Only With a T-Shirt

by aquagnome22

I survived my first of two or three company parties solo.  I didn’t want to go by myself but the invite said bring yourself and your significant other.  The invite did not say, “if you are single please bring your other single friends who somehow were talked into attending the event with the promise of beer and free food. . .don’t worry we won’t think you are a pathetic loser”  

Prior to the party, I left work early to go to my yearly physical.  Nothing says fun like your yearly physical and explaining to your doctor that the reason you were on anxiety meds over the summer was because you were in denial about your bullsh*t relationship.  Nothing says fun like an angry nurse on a Friday afternoon who stabs you with a needle all because you thought getting the HPV vacine was a good idea (still a good idea, still highly recommended, still hurt like a biotch).  But even better, nothing says fun like getting lab work done by a lab tech who can’t find a vein and spends time tapping at the needle and squeezing various parts of your arm just to get enough for a sample.  I now look like a herion addict.

After the physical, sitting in an ungodly amount of traffic, and one semi-frantic phone call to my Dad where I ranted about how I thought I was completely lost and going to die in Pierce County, I found the party.  

I walked into the party and everyone was already situated for a sit down dinner. I was an hour late. . .oops.  Only a handful of people have met me at the new dive shop (though apparently a large number of them had heard my story), so basically I had about 30 people staring at me wondering who let the well the random girl into the house. 

After forcing me to stand up to introduce myself to everyone and act like I have a personality, the owners gave me a staff t-shirt and and *gasp* actually acted like they are excited to have me around!  It sounds so basic, but this was not “the way” at the other dive shop.  It was the first time in months I felt like I was really truly making the right choice to finish my Dive Master and move shops.  

And on a totally different note.  Picture proof that I ran in a half marathon.

I Look Hot In That Hat