I Feel Pretty. . .Oh So Pretty. . .

by aquagnome22

Yesterday I went to a doctor’s appointment *cough* interview *cough* shhh.  I applied for the position in question from a posting on Monster.  Never thought that would work, course then again I’m currently in a position I found off Craigslist (no I am not a prostitute).    I want this new job.  I want it badly. They made me take a math test. For those of you that know me, math is not my forte.  In fact, for me, math is simply work of the devil.   So when someone wants me to figure out number sequences, decimals,  percentages, or how long it takes two trains to be X amount of miles from each other, and well anything that is beyond 5th grade math I struggle.  I majored in Advertising people, if I were good at math I’d be a doctor or something.  I’m one of those people that struggles to figure out the sale prices in the mall.  That’s why I’m friends with smart people who major in Veterinary Medicine.   I poison the minds of the youth, she saves alpacas.    

Back to this job.  I’m one step away from stalking my interviewers and the HR Department (not really).  This company was rated as one of the best places to work for in Washington State.  I think they have unlimited Coca Cola for their employees (umm hello!?).    I really want this job.  The commuting will suck, but it will get my foot in the door with online advertising.  They actually promote their own employees (omg. . .internal promotion. . .new fangled idea!)!     I need to work with like minded people again.  I need to work with people who are friendly and don’t meet people off Match dot com for sex.  I need to work with people who aren’t offended if I take a personal call or *gasp* use a four letter word.  I need to work with people who aren’t socially inept.   I need to work with people who have some spirit and feistiness.  And I need to work with people who don’t get upset when they can hear a meeting going on in a different room (no really).     

Well great this means I’ll probably be working for myself in five years but if I can get something similar to the above that would be great.  And I think I found my pseudo professional utopia at the company I interviewed with yesterday.   I want this job. (I’d also like to work with people who don’t tell me things like “you look more professional when you straighten your hair.”  Gee thanks, I’ll get right on that) 

I should find something out tomorrow. . .tomorrow is so far away. . .