A Canadian Thanksgiving

by aquagnome22

We are in Whistler, BC.  I love it here.  I love BC in general. 

 Its snowing and for the first time in years there is snow in the village upon our arrival.  Usually its raining and maybe we’ll have a dusting in the village before we leave.  

The drive up was a wee bit of sketch as they are doing massive construction on the Sea to Sky hwy.  Imagine a hundred or so miles of lanes made out of cones and random people dressed in yellow clothes coming out of the darkness to move said cones.  There was a lot of yelling from my mother and I as another cone “moved”  OMG WATCH OUT FOR THAT GUY!!!  Add in some snow and random heavy equipment on wheels and you’ve got a lovely drive!

Tomorrow I am taking a ski lesson and conquering Whistler Mountain.   Yes I am still wearing mens ski boots because I apparently still have man calves.  Thankfully the girl who fitted me understands the joy of having man calves.  This is why if I were ever in an air disaster the survivors would turn on me and probably choose to eat me over say. . .Kerry or Jenn. 

Per the usual we ate at the Mongolie Grill for dinner, and had some lovely sangria with our stir fry.   Because you see sangria was a popular drink amongst our mongolian friends centries ago. . .not. 

 Anyways, I love being up here.  I love being surrounded by crazy Canadians, copious amounts of Aussies, and doing things like bickering about our president with my ski instructor (last year, on a ski lift, in the wind, I won)

Today I also spent about an hour working.  Why in Gods name I do this to myself I have no idea.  But from Canada I dug out my calling card and called the office to clarify some things and wage war against the city of Houston.  Note to client: When you sign a contract saying you will put my trainer up free of charge this does not mean charging him $260 a night.  Someday I hope to get to the point where I no longer obsess over work when I’m on vacation.

Next week I have two interviews.  Both of which I scheduled while driving up to Canada.  I’m sure my mother loved having my Dad on the phone doing business and me in the back doing phone interviews.  

Anyhoo, Happy Thanksgiving All

PS- In regards to the last post.  He is continuing to improve, which is good.

 PPS- I am also thankful for the pep talks I have recieved from my family and friends.  I have been less than objective about the events of the past few days and sometimes I need a little kick in the arse.