Apple Cup – What a joke

by aquagnome22

Umm did any of you watch the Apple Cup? The annual “war” between UW and WSU?  What a joke. Seriously, neither team deserved to win.   I mean hell WSU just lost to a team that just lost to Stanford. STANFORD people. . .those twits punted on third down!  

I’m done on this topic.*

I did a long run today with my new insoles.  My Shock Doctor insoles are one of the best purchases I have ever made in regards to running.  No pain, nothing.  Awesome.  I also experienced less back pain, also a major plus.  The other new thing I tried as a PowerBar Gel in Green Apple flavor.  It wasn’t terrible and gave me a bit of a pick me up during the last leg of my run.  Overall this run really gave me a boost in confidence for the half marathon. 

 T-3 days before we leave for Whistler.  Thanksgiving in Whistler is always fun.  Our turkey day dinner is usually at the Mongolian Grill.  Later I watch hours of City Confidential and other true crime stories on A&E, it makes my father insane. Every time I go up my parents and I flirt with the idea of my getting a job up there and living as a seasonal employee.  Could be fun, and probably is cheaper living that my current situation. 

 Anyhoo, time for sleepy (after I finish watching Iron Chef).