The Credit Card Gods Hate Me

by aquagnome22

The credit card Gods hate me.  Not because I have debt, but because apparently I’m just cursed.

1. Chase screws up my account multiple times.  Its now fixed.  I will be cutting this card up into little pieces

2. Macys posts my check to the wrong account. . .in June.  They report me to collections without notifying me until . . .SEPTEMBER.  This is now fixed.  I hate them but will keep the card because I save money.  Its like a nesc. evil. . .like a dentist.

3. CITI Bank entered my address wrong and my bill never arrived.  Nice. Classy.

I think I shall withdraw all of my money and stash it in ziplocks in my freezer.  Maybe cut a hole in my mattress and put a couple of hundred bucks between the mattress and box springs. . .


Its Friday!  Yeehaw.  Beer = Good Times.