I Will Wage A War Against Cab Drivers. . .AND WIN

by aquagnome22

Oooh its a two post day. . .yeah I know you’re excited.

My night is totally messed up and I have no idea how it happened.  I was scheduled to help with the SCUBA club and we are/were supposed to meet at XYZ pool.  I was told to call the shop for directions, but I know exactly where XYZ pool is, I used to play soccer across the street (yeah yeah I know where everything is as long as its near a soccer field).  Its like telling someone to get directions to their old high school or childhood home, I knew exactly where the pool is located. 

 Anyways after sitting through hellish traffic I stopped off at Wendys for .99 nuggets and .99 fries.  As I made a left hand turn, with the green in my favor, I was cut off by a cab.  I had the effing green light so I laid on the horn.  I also might have thrown my bag of Wendy’s at the windshield.  Needless to say I was a bit angry monkey and a lot of words starting in “F” and ending in “K” came out of my mouth.  And he laughed at me.  The jackass laughed at me.  GRRR.  Um hi, I have the right of way you douchebag and you cut me off. Then he moved farther in front of me blocking me in the middle of the busy intersection.  All I could think was, I-WILL-DESTROY-YOU

So after my road rage incident I sucked down my food and proceeded to the pool. . .and no one was there.  Damn it.  I called my parents (who are 300 miles away mind you) and we searched the area for other pools with similar names (since none of us could think of any).  And guess what. . .there aren’t any area pools with similar names.  So I drove to another nearby pool just to see if I could find them, my parents checked my email and all emails and the website pointed to XYZ pool. . .and ugh.  I even went to the dive shop just to see if something new had been posted about the location of the event.

So now I’m home, contemplating eatting pudding and watching Greys Anatomy.   Which probably means I’ll be mad at stupid Meredith in about 1 hour. . .GRR.    I’m really disapointed because I was really excited about this event and making a good impression with my new dive family.  Instead, I look like a no-show! But I’m not a no-show I just spent 3 hours trying to get to the event. . .the event that is AWOL since apparently the pool is like a magical place that doesn’t actually exist. 

On a totally non-sucky note, the Beckers just called the ex a “sewer beaver” which is simply excellent.