Frisky or Mentally Disturbed

by aquagnome22

Its lunch time at THE J-O-B and I’m updating now because I won’t have time tonight.  Yeah whatever, there are like three of you who regularly read this and simply shake your heads at my absolute ridiculousness and wonder why I the government hasn’t incarcerated me yet. 

We are getting new voice over IP phones in our office, or they could just be new regular phones but I only half pay attention to what happens in this office and the other 90% of the time I’m ignored anyways.  Blah blah blah there is a very interesting man here to install the new phones.  He reminds me of Mullet Man from college.  Long curly mullet goodness.  I really want to cut it off and swing it around my head like a lasso but that’s kind of gross. . .and not very nice.   

So the following e-mail chain went out between my coworker and I.  Not THE COWORKER but the OTHER COWORKER who I like 99% of the time and doesn’t give me a lot of BS. 

Me:   SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo.  Do you think he plays D&D? 

Other Co-Worker (OC): I would bet my life savings (which granted is only about $150 but still) 

Me: What about Renaissance Fairs?  Do you think he has a costume?  I really dislike Renaissance Fairs. . .those people (yes I said THOSE people) are creepy. 

OC: Oh god, I totally agree, they (Renaissance Fair people) really are. He does look like he could be the renaissance type.  


I am accepting of Civil War reenactments, I probably can deal with a pioneer or two.  Hell, I can even accept those who live their lives muddled between the worlds of reality and Star Trek and the X-Files.  But Renaissance Fair peeps freak me out.    

In college I spent a lot of time watching the Wedding Story and I have some unresolved anger management issues to couples I deemed unacceptable featured on the show.   The couples who had Renaissance themed weddings used to make me insane, I just didn’t (and don’t) understand how someone could be attracted to a tight wearing lute player who worked part time at a Pizza Hut.  Yes I’m judgmental!     However, the Renaissance Fair people are still better than the scary and very trashy couple that had the theme wedding in Vegas.  There should be a PSA warning viewers before the airing of that episode.   


Anyways, back to work I go.  Tonight I am serving as a SCUBA elf of sorts for underwater Santa photos. . .whatever I know you are all jealous. 

I’m also going to REI to buy running gear but get to write it off as paid time from work because I’m purchasing heavy duty locks for our computer cases.  SCORE!  

PS- For your viewing enjoyment: 

My favorite line is:  “He’s either brain damaged or frisky. . .” 

Yeah well so is KFed but he isn’t going anywhere.