Coo Coo

by aquagnome22

Kerry, my pseudo wife, and I are watching Just Friends. . .again.  Its my new favorite movie, as I cannot stand any movie with a definiative point and or movie that forces me to engage in a deeper level of thinking. 

Today I went running and found a new house of shame.  It looks like the set designer from The King and I stopped taking his meds and some how got a hold of a can of purple paint.  Eh well at least my neighborhood is entertaining for my long runs. 

Gail and I went up to the Columbia Winery for the “Taste of Red” today.  Hmm copious amounts of wine.  Drank some wine, made fun of the yuppies, ate some food.  We enjoyed the “10 points of you can pick out a software engineer” game since pretty much everyone looked like an employee of Microsoft.   I was also acccosted by some guy who could have been my father who wanted to flirt with me.  Seriously, after talking to me once he came back and goes “well I wasn’t done flirting with you so here I am” He kept telling me how he drinks some expensive vodka and how he belongs to a bunch of wine clubs.  He Gail left me with him and then sent me text messages from outside!  BOO GAIL 🙂 Anyways, Kerry and I are going out with the Gailers and Kristy tonight.  

The pseudo wife is spending the night tonight because her basement flooded. . .sigh. . .the rain can stop now.