3 weeks till the half marathon. . .and a civics lesson!

by aquagnome22

Oh Friday, how I love thee.  Tonight I went to Safeway to buy important things like Coke (fruit of the Gods) and beer (beautifulness) and low-fat frozen yogurt (umm).  In the elevator I ran into a Papa Johns Pizza guy who went “looks like you are starting your evening off right”  Why yes Mr. Pizza Man I am 24, I eat Lean Cuisines and I am excited to go the gym tonight and run 3 miles before sitting in the steam room.  And now I shall cap my evening off by watching Men in Trees (woohoo), plotting against my upstairs neighbor, applying for jobs, and drinking a delicious beer.

Today for whatever reason I quasi talked politics with the Coworker.  Yes THE Coworker.  She leans to the left and I tend to lean to the right.  She is also convinced that everyone is anti-gay and racist but that’s another story.   Anyways, in light of the news that John McCain maybe running for president we discussed potential people for the next election.  I asked her if she thought Hilary Clinton will run (please dear God no. . .I’m not anti left, I’m anti Clinton, this is what happens when your Dad spent years in Arkansas).  She’s like “well Alexa, presidential elections don’t run that way.  You can’t just become president.  Your party has to pick you.”  Oh Jesus Christ seriously?  Thanks for the civics lesson there champ, apparently I missed out on “US Elections 101” during my honors public policy class and all those political science classes in college.  I’m well aware how someone is elected into office, but maybe next week we can discuss how a bill becomes a law.  The week after that you can teach me to boil water and button my clothes.

 I try, really I do.  I would love to be friends with her, as I miss having close friends at work.  But ya know, in this case it just isn’t going to happen. 

Today I also officially signed up for the Seattle half marathon.  Kerry is running the full. . .I am running the 1/2.  If you need me the Sunday after Thanksgiving you will probably find me in the fetal position wrapped in a solar blanket near the Seattle Center, muttering something about Cliff Bars and bagels. 

 If you need me tomorrow I’ll be spending time at a winery making fun of the yuppies drinking blush wines.