San Diego – Part Deux

by aquagnome22

Is it wrong that while we were flying I kept wondering what it would take to convince Kerry to charge to the front of the plane? I just wanted to see where the air marshal was sitting. . .and to maybe irritate the first class passengers.  Because seriously people, who flies first class during an hour and a half flight? Save up those miles for something good!    Great I’m probably going to end up on a “no-fly” list or something.   

Anyways, on day two Kerry and I woke up to 80F+ weather and sunshine.  We had breakfast and went for a run on the waterfront.  Becky met us around 11am and we made our way to
Coronado for lunch and to meet up with one of her friends who will probably need months of therapy after spending six hours with us.  After lunch we headed over to the beach where we did incredibly mature things like make fun of speedo wearing tourists, chase birds, and spent time creating inappropriate sand scupltures**


After the beach we made our way back to downtown
San Diego and checked into the Hotel Solamar.  The Hotel Solamar is an awesome hotel, and full of swanky people who probably have loads of credit card debt because it costs and arm and a leg and maybe an ovary to stay there. We were staying there on a gift certificate I won at the company holiday party (the hotel is one of our clients). At this point in our young professional careers I doubt any of us will fork over $350 a night for a hotel room.  We pulled into valet with our fabulous Corolla (thank you
Enterprise) and I think the valets wondered if we were lost because seriously every car that came in around us was foreign, expensive, and full of orange people from LA.  We checked in and I saw one of the wedding planners from Style Network’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyways” which I adore.  I wanted to jump up and down and hug him but I refrained. 

Our room was gorgeous, odd, but gorgeous and we had a view of a .  . .wait for it. . .the roof next door!   However, the beds were pure luxury and the shampoos and soaps were from Aveda (obviously I’m easily entertained). And if we wanted we could eat a $3.50 pack of M&Ms from the honor bar and if one of us met some ridiculously hot guy who said all the right things the hotel provided a “Intimacy Kit” for $6 or something. 

Around 5pm we made our way to the complimentary wine hour and continued to make fun of everyone around us.  We also “painted” on “Buddha Boards” and plotted our evening.   After the wine we changed into our swimsuits and went to the pool, it was only then that we realized that this “pool” isn’t really a pool unless you’re 3 years old and have water wings, it pretty much is there to compliment the bar and look pretty under multicolored lights. 

So there we were in our classy complimentry animal print robes surrounded by a bunch of
San Diego yuppies some of which pointed at us and laughed (because we were in animal print robes).  In keeping with our “mature and glamorous” persona we took pictures of them and spent a considerable amount of time making fun of them. Then we acted like celebrities on holiday and enjoyed our $13 drinks (no really, thank God it was happy hour because we got them for $5).

We showered and changed and headed to dinner where we met “the Danimal” some random  guy who apparently enjoys listening to women’s problems, wants to talk about emotions, loves long walks on the beach, and poetry.  Seriously “the Danimal”  introduced himself that way, “the Danimal” was also sloshed at 8:30 pm on a Friday night.  After a lovely Italian meal we made it to Jimmy Loves and drank, and danced, and sang 80’s songs, and ordered a semi-excessive amount of alcohol (which was minimal compared to the next night).  Then, as Becky’s feet became numb due to her gorgeous black pumps (which would later suffer a flesh wound during Halloween) we went back to the hotel and crashed. 

**We are classy, educated, and mature individuals.***

*** No really we are. . .