Tonight’s dinner. . .popcorn and beer! Dinner of Champs!

by aquagnome22

My body feels like it was hit by a truck.   I am such a wuss right now.

 I must say that Healthy Choice Popcorn covered in melted I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter- Light plus a beer is quite tasty.  Hmm psuedo butter.

Diving went really well yesterday.  The owner/instructor turned to me after our dive and went “you now work for me. . .” YES!

 Today I felt the need to feel goregous.  So I got glammed up and decided to go to Home Depot.  Don’t laugh, if you’re single and can stand upright and not drool, Home Depot and Lowes are great places to get some male attention.  I could probably go into a Home Depot wearing a sack and slippers and still get attention.  I highly recommend a home improvement center for a self-esteem boost.


 I never made it to Home Depot.  Instead, I bought some size 8 jeans!  Let us rejoice in that which is a size 8. . .a size that has never graced these legs but is now mine. . .my precious . . .apparently there are some bonus points for these past few months.** 

 I also picked out a new suit, but they didn’t have a size 10 jacket.  No offense, but yours truly is not built like a 12 year old boy so a size 2 is just not going to cut it. 

**I have so many mean, spiteful, and inappropriate things to say about these past few months and my journey back to diving yet I’m trying to refrain for now.  Even though I have lots of things to say that probably include the words “F*CK YOU” and “DOUCHEBAG”. . .and probably something inappropriate about what I hope happens to someone’s professional career. . .give me a bottle of wine and I’ll be all over it. . .

Time for popcorn and beer, a dinner of champions.