by aquagnome22

I’m so tired I’m not even sure I spelled the title right.  You see I signed up for Nablopomo, which I will link to eventually but unfortunately at this moment I’m too tired to make the link.  Not so long story short, I have to write an entry every day for the month of November.  . .so here’s your entry world. . .it probably doesn’t make any sense.

 This morning I went diving and it was pretty damn great.  More about the dive tomorrow or Monday when I can think  straight.

 After diving I drove up to Everett to help Becky finish moving out of her apartment.  I think setting fire to the apartment would have been a better method.  I told Becky her next apartment had better have an elevator. . .my body is crying. 

We went to dinner at Round Table Pizza and we yelled at the people on Wheel of Fortune (I’m well aware that we’re one step away from the 4pm AARP dinner specials at Denny’s. . .shut up).  Then we went to Starbucks where I pretty much went into a hysterical fit over the flaming gay barista (I have nothing against gay people, I just wish I could box this one up for my own entertainment).  Sometime between 9pm-10pm we gave up on her friend showing up and moved her entertainment center into her parents SUV.  SUPRISE YOU WIN A PARTICLE BOARD ENTERTAINMENT CENTER and a bunch of wires.  I personally came home with a bag-o-condiments, wooden fish, and a cactus.  Kerry’s leaves me with her bag-o-smut (a topic that deserves its own entry) and Becky leaves me with loads of cheese, butter, garlic, and salad dressing. 

So the Beckers is leaving once again.   For the next six months she’ll be living in Asia in a box (no really) and then  we’ll see where she lands.  My vote is for San Diego 🙂