I’m diving tomorrow!

by aquagnome22

Lists are fun!

1. Its almost election day! Thus, we are almost free of crappy political advertising

2. I had to ride the elevator with a creepy man.  I studied him just in case I would have to describe him to the police later.

3. Turns out he was meeting a group of really hot men from floor.  Who knew.

4. Why did the hot men have to show up when I was coming back from the gym and looked like a yetti

5. I’m watching a 20/20 on Privilage in America.  Its actually quite interesting and I have a new found respect for Ivanka Trump.  I’d also like her stylist and makeup artist. 

6. Rev Ted Haggart is an asshat. “I didn’t have sex with a male prostitute. . .he just gave me a nice massage. . .and I might have purchased some meth” 

7.  My feet are cold

8.  Yesterday I saw this girl trying on a bridal gown in the bridal shop in my building.  She looked goregous in this cinderella gown and cathedral length veil.  I on the other hand was standing in the dark, in the rain, with my umbrella watching her through the window like a total spaz.  Later I drank, ate, and went home to my cactus that is making suicide attempt. 

Note to self:  100 calorie snack packs, kitkats, 2 beers, a coffee, a 1/2 rack of ribs, and 1/2 a desert is not an acceptable meal.  Between the excessive amount of dairy product and pork covered in sauce its a miracle I was able to function today.

 9.  Hmm kitkats

 10.  If the weather holds I’m going diving tomorrow! It will be my first time in the water since July and I’m excited and scared to death.  I have so many things I want to say on this topic but i’ll refrain from now.  Until then, I’M DIVING TOMORROW.